For those of you that know me personally for so long many of us have said to each other “Girl we have to go to such and such…” However, we have not committed to do it. Well, in February 2009 after my transition; (the lost of a full-time position, I am now an entrepreneur) I decided with the Holy Spirit’s help to stop the madness.

To live each moment of my life like it was my last; to begin to really start to enjoy it, not only in general, but also through fellowship with my friends and family. No to fun is no longer an option for me… as long as it’s balanced!

Why did I create “Saved in My City”?
I created this community initially to just centralize communications with my sister-friends, and brothers-in-Christ that I wanted to snatch up with me in the fun of being “Saved in my City”!

Most “Saved in My City” events were held in New York City and its tri-state. They consisted of both free and paid concerts, movies, enrichment classes, recreational activities and even vegging out events where we sit around and just talk!

 “Saved in My City” the next chapter.
I have since gotten married and relocated to Houston, Texas.   With my personal evolution, so must “Saved in My City” evolve.

Is this community right for me?
If you are Christian, born again and striving to live your life by the good book (Bible), believe that you too can have fun, this community is for you!

Now if you are not saved… and/or Christian and want to learn more about how you can be… may I recommend creflodollarministries.org Bible Study Resource Center?

Do you live in or around NYC? If so I welcome you to visit my home church World Changers Church – New York, with Pastors Dr. Creflo and Taffi Dollar. They have worship services twice a week and two satellite churches in the outer boroughs (Brooklyn and Queens).   As a ministry we always welcome new visitors with open arms and would love for you to come and worship with us.

To learn more about World Changers Church – New York you can visit http://www.worldchangerschurchnewyork.org.

Or if you live in another city like Houston… there may be a World Changers Fellowship Church near you!

Visit: http://www.creflodollarministries.org/SatelliteChurches


Lela Jefferson Fagan, Founder

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